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Thank you to all of our families who have taken the time to leave us your testimonials. Staying connected and hearing about our babies means the world to us!

 -Michelle and Rejoice / Carolina Kits 

“We couldn’t be more in love with our new baby Fiona! She is the sweetest girl - always asking for kisses and snuggles… we’ve never had a cat that’s so affectionate. She came home to us happy, healthy, and even more adorable than her pictures! Michelle and Rejoice were super communicative with me every step of the way. We already can’t imagine life without our little one." - Melissa K. / February 2024


“You can't just have one! Yes, a boy and a girl for me. I will never own another breed and there's only one breeder I will trust, Carolina Kits! I've been to the cattery and go to the same veterinarian who also raves about them: “Careful consideration about their breeding qualities and meticulous standards". Once you get a Carolina Kitten you'll be as happy as we are too! Special Thanks” - Laura N. / November 2023 & February 2024

“I believe that in many, many ways a breeder should be a good steward of the breed and the individual animals in their care. I got very lucky to have stumbled upon Carolina Kits, and they are the yard stick by which I measure all other breeders… I can’t imagine buying a kitten from anyone else. I chose Carolina Kits because Michelle was a thoughtful communicator from the very beginning, and we had meaningful conversations about her kittens, my background and experience, and our mutual expectations. I could tell she genuinely cared for her kittens as family members, and I felt I would receive a lot of ongoing support once I purchased one of her kittens. We have now purchased TWO Ragdoll kittens from Michelle, so that may pretty much say it all. Our experiences have been universally positive. If we could have ten of her kittens, we probably would! I could write a novel about our kittens. They’re gorgeous, well-tempered, cherished family companions, and a million other things. I can’t say enough about them. I would just like to thank Michelle (and the whole family) for the role they’ve played in our lives in making it possible for us to live with these absolutely cherished family members. We can’t imagine our lives without our wonderful kittens, and it is a privilege to be their caretakers. We’ll be loyal and lifelong customers. We are extremely grateful for everything.”

- Kristin B. / November 2023 & February 2024​


“I would highly recommend Carolina Kits to get a Ragdoll kitten from. I really appreciated how they actually care for their kittens.  I got my little guy in June.  He was delayed in coming to me because of tummy issues.  This really impressed me, as they wanted to make sure I received a healthy kitten. I loved the fact that they don’t ship their babies, and mine was brought to me be by their courier.  Michelle has always been available after my purchase which says a lot about her. I loved the openness and honesty of this cattery. I would definitely get another kitten from her.  They are very loving and you can tell they had a lot of human interaction while in the nursery.” - Regina S. / June 2023

“Gwendolyn is a beautiful heathy kitten who quickly stole our hearts and became a member of our family. She is a loving, calming, sweet spirit in our home. I highly recommend CarolinaKits for your ragdoll adoption.” - Rebecca T. / June 2023


Our first trip up the mountain was so rewarding, we needed a second. Our second boy fit right in. All loving purrs and inexhaustible energy. Rejoice and Michelle are just wonderful. They communicated with us every step of the way and helped us prepare for the new kitten. Introductions went so smoothly it was hard to believe. We feel so lucky to have found Carolina Kits and our beautiful kitties. Thank you more than you will ever know." - Sheila R. / January 2022


"I am so incredibly happy I found Carolinakits. They are without a doubt the best breeder out there. I love their socia media presence. They stay actively involved with a potential owner and respond to questions or kitten concerns right away. It is obvious the kittens are first priority and well cared for with so much love and attention. You will not be disappointed. If You are interested in a ragdoll this is the breeder to contact." - Caren Z. / November 2021


"We are the proud parents of Mazie and Max. We adopted them with the help of Michelle and Rejoice, who are very caring about their Ragdolls. The kittens came from a very reliable home breeder and they are beautiful kittens with great personalities. I would give Carolina Kits a 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you Michelle and Rejoice." - Terry S. / November 2021

"This is our first with Ragdolls, and we have fallen in love with our sweet Izzy! She is so affectionate and follows me around the house. We are so thankful to have found Carolina Kits! Rejoice kept us informed during the process with pictures and videos. They answered my many questions in a timely manner. We couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. Thank you Rejoice and Michelle!!"

- Deborah C. / October 2021

"We are amazed at what a wonderful and loving temperament our little Pi has. He's such a perfect mix of loving and chill and purring loudly as he snuggles and hilarious playful kitten antics. He adjusted beautifully to our home and you can definitely tell he's been raised well with appropriate confidence and health and curiosity and love. His motor starts as soon as we pick him up! CarolinaKits is doing a wonderful job raising not only healthy and beautiful, but also well-adjusted Ragdolls." - Tiffany F. / October 2021

"Kittens are so cute, playful, & adorable. The male loves to cuddle and the female is such a clown. They are always together and she calls for him whenever he leaves. I’ve been surprised at how much they need one another. I think that is a big reason they have done so well. Plus they come from a loving and warm home environment. Very well adjusted and no problems changing over to our home. We traveled across the US in two days driving and they were wonderful. No problems with eating, sleeping, or litter accidents. They’ve been very well trained. They are going to be a great blessing to our household of teenagers and someday grandchildren." - Tammy B. - / May 2021

"When I talked on the phone with Rejoice about a kitten that had unexpectedly become available my biggest concern was personality. I can happily say Levi is exactly as advertised. He sat on my lap the whole drive home and will purr when you enter the room. Definitely recommend!" - Kelly C. / May 2021

"Just picked up my Louie Boy today! He is more beautiful in person than his pics. He is adjusting well and loving my other cat! We love him already!!!" - Tammy R. / April 2021


"We are over the moon with our little boy Louie! The entire experience has been wonderful, from the time we first reached out to Carolina Kits, to the day we brought our Louie home. Many thanks to Carolina Kits! This has been such a positive experience and we couldn't be more pleased." - Annette S. / April 2021


"I absolutely love my “Bailey” he is everything I wanted!!! He is already using the litter box and is very cuddly and calm! Highly recommend... not to mention how beautiful he is, and those eyes!" - Lindsey M. / April 2021


"We picked up our sweet Clementine today and are so happy with her. She is a beautiful, sweet kitten, healthy and happy and prances with a bit of spunk! We couldn’t have made a better choice when we chose Carolina Kits! You can tell the upmost care is taken with their kittens and we are so glad we found them when searching for our new baby. All of their kittens are so purr-fectly beautiful and we were kept up to date on Clementine with pics & videos. 5 stars on professionalism, 5 stars on our kitten! She has already stolen our hearts." - Janice R. / April 2021


"We traveled up the mountain with an empty crate. Rejoice and Michelle met us at the door with our kitten. He is the a mixture of sweet loving boy and little house tiger. We traveled down the mountain with a noisy crate filled with love. He is perfect. Thank you Rejoice for all the updates and being so ready to answer questions. What a great experience!" - Sheila R. / April 2021


"I searched for a few years for a breeder in the South who I felt poured so much love and care into the raising of their kittens. Carolina Kits was my choice and now that we have our sweet Mochi, we can say with full confidence that we made the right choice. Communication was fantastic all the way through the process and we received a healthy, happy kitten who was very comfortable around people and kids and even other cats right from the start. I would recommend Carolina Kits to anyone who wants a kitten raised with great love and care." Tiffany M. / April 2021


"Rejoice and Michelle were so communicative and responsive even after we brought our sweet boy home! We are already in love with our kitten and our vet was impressed with how healthy and robust he is. Would highly recommend Carolina Kits!" 

- Vickey L. / November 2020


"We just purchased out first ragdoll from Carolina Kits, she is absolutely adorable. Rejoice and her mother were very sweet and took time to answer all our questions, Would recommend them to anyone looking for their furbaby, looking to purchase again this spring from them." - Bert C. / November 2020


"We could not have been more pleased with our experience as well as our new baby boy!! Our entire experience was top notch! It was a leap of faith that we found Carolina kits ( we have a history of rag doll kitties) and recently relocated to NC. We then unexpectedly lost our rag doll kittie and it took us a year to think of adopting another. What a perfect fit. I truly recommend Carolina kits for your rag doll family."

- Susie G. / October 2020


"Our family is so happy to have found Carolina Kits! Our new kitten is so sweet, playful, and just beautiful! Rejoice and her mom were fantastic, and I appreciated the excellent communication throughout the adoption process. I highly recommend them, and know your kitten will come from a clean and loving environment" - Kristin R. / June 2020


"My experience over the last few months with Carolina Kits has been a great one! There was fantastic open communication, and lots of pictures were sent of our new kitten as he was growing big enough for us to bring him home. Rejoice and her mother were so kind and welcoming when we picked our kitten up. He was clean and you can tell he has been very loved and handled well. He is such a snuggle bug!" - Meaghan G. / May 2020


"My entire experience in obtaining my new baby from Rejoice and her mom Michelle has been a pleasure. They made

all the arrangements. Marshmellow arrived right to my door by the kindest young man. You could tell they truly cared for their babies I highly recommend one of their kittens if you are looking for a Ragdoll." - Debbie B. / December 2019


"I got a beautiful Seal BiColor Mink from Carolina Kits, and I couldn't be happier with her personality. She's adorable, well adjusted, and incredibly friendly. Rejoice was incredibly kind and helpful during the whole process, and I highly recommend Carolina Kits."

- Hayley C. / December 2019


"Thank you Carolina Kits for bringing our beautiful Annie into our world. She is a beautiful mink coat girl with so much personality! Rejoice and her family were so sweet in the adoption process. They seem so caring and concerned. Thank you. Annie is perfect!!" - Donna D. / December 2019

"We were lucky enough to find Rejoice and her family to adopt our little girl, Astrid, from just before Christmas! Once we decided we wanted a Ragdoll kitten we went with Carolina Kits because of the obvious love these breeders have for their animals. Every communication was answered timely and with clear detail, and most times included pictures of the kitten I had chosen and the rest of the litter as well. Rejoice even gave me video and pictures soon after their birth for my own scrapbooks. We drove to pick up the kitten and when they came to greet us and take us to meet our girl, we were pleased to see how well cared for these kittens are. They have their own little building with areas for the mom and babies, as well as the other cats. Their price was fair and she was a healthy happy kitten, as promised! We thank you, Rejoice and your family, for our little Astrid, and we will recommend you absolutely, to our friends and family! Rejoice- you are a smart young business woman and you are doing a wonderful job!" - The Greco Family / April 2019


"Thank you Carolina Kits! I've been looking for the perfect Ragdoll for the past four years and I have found her. She's gorgeous and her personality couldn't be better. I mean seriously! Look at that face. The entire experience was wonderful" - Rhonda P. / December 2019 


"I found Carolina Kits by doing an online search. My husband recently passed away. My daughter and I decided to adopt a Ragdoll kitten. Rejoice and her mother are absolutely wonderful. Carolina Kits has the most beautiful Ragdoll kittens I've ever seen. I definitely recommend." - Lisa F. / December 2018

"Wow what a kitten... so in love with my new best friend! Rejoice and her mother are a treat to meet! All of my fears and hesitations were relieved once I met them and saw the kitten! Thank you two so much for making the experience of choosing a Ragdoll so wonderful! Best of luck to your dreams. Your cattery is going to make a lot of people happy and going to spread lots of love!" - Debra S. / December 2018


"We were so happy to discover Carolina Kits when we adopted an adorable little Ragdoll whom we now call Rascal. It was important to know that Rascal came from a very personal, caring environment, and he certainly did. Rejoice and her family take such good care of their little kitties and truly care about their futures and well-being. The Ragdolls are adorable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a kitty to adopt." - Alison L. / December 2018

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