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Colors & Patterns 

Ragdoll cats come in several 

different colors and patterns, as well as different coat types. Every Ragdoll cat will have a coat type, color, and pattern. While there are so many so many different coat possibilities, Ragdoll cats all share the same puppy like personality that the breed is known for! 

Ragdoll Coat Types.


Traditional Ragdoll kittens

are born completely white and slowly develop their color. Traditional Ragdolls always have blue eyes, and they also have the most contrast between their color points (face, ears, tail) and body. 


Mink Ragdolls are born with color, and compared to Traditional Ragdolls, they have thicker, and plusher coats. The coat of a Mink has less contrast between the color points and body, and they also have gorgeous aqua

eyes instead of blue. 


Sepia Ragdolls are born

with nearly full color that deepens to an incredibly dark and rich colored coat. Sepias are substantially darker than Traditional and even Mink Ragdolls. While the other coat types have specific eye color, Sepia Ragdolls can have eyes of any color. Sepia Ragdolls have the thickest, richest coat among Ragdolls, and they also have the

least contrast between their color

points and body. 


Seal Mitted Traditional (top), Seal Mitted Mink (bottom left), Seal Mitted Sepia (bottom right)

Ragdoll Coat Colors.

Seal & Blue

Seal and Blue are the most common Ragdoll colors. Seal is a beautiful rich brown color, and Blue, the diluted color of Seal, is a gorgeous gray color like a rain cloud.

Chocolate & Lilac

Chocolate Ragdolls have beautiful milk chocolate colored points with a very light ivory colored body. Lilac, the diluted color of Chocolate, is a very light frosty gray color with a very slight pinkish tinge. 

Cinnamon & Fawn

Cinnamon and Fawn

and very rare colors that are quite hard to find. Cinnamon is a russet, reddish brown

 color. Fawn, the diluted color, is a lighter shade of Cinnamon. 

Ragdoll Coat Patterns.


A mitted Ragdoll has matching white mittens on its feet as well as a white chin, white chest, and white belly stripe. The mitted pattern can also sometimes have a white blaze in-between the eyes. Again, depending on the coat type of the cat, the body may be white or ivory (Traditional), just slightly lighter than the points (Mink), or nearly the same color with very little contrast (Sepia).


The colorpoint pattern is just as the name implies, color on the points! The cat's points (ears, face, feet, and tail) will have well-defined color. Depending on the cat's coat type, the body may be white or ivory (Traditional), just slightly lighter than the points (Mink), or nearly the same color as the points (Sepia). 


For a bicolor Ragdoll, the points are restricted to the ears, tail, mask, and saddle area. The mask has a white, inverted "V" which remains within the outer edges of the eyes. The cat's chin, chest, underside, legs, and feet are completely white; though minor spots of color may be displayed with pet quality cats. Just like with the other patterns, the contrast between the cat's point and body depend on the coat type. 


Lynx Ragdolls have tabby points, pencil lines on the face, white eyeliner, and white rimmed ears. The lynx pattern is actually an overlay to any of the above patterns. This variation is caused by the dominant agouti gene which "switches on" the tabby markings. The lynx pattern can be found overlaying any of the above colors and patterns, but it is most obvious with darker colored coats.  

Our breeding

program with our current

Ragdolls can produce the following colors and patterns:



Seal Colorpoint

Seal Colorpoint Lynx

Seal Mitted

Seal Mitted Lynx 

Seal BiColor 

Seal BiColor Lynx 


Seal Mink 

Seal Lynx Mink

Seal Mitted Mink

Seal Mitted Mink Lynx

Seal BiColor Mink 

Seal BiColor Lynx Mink 


Seal Sepia 

Seal Lynx Sepia 

Seal Mitted Sepia

Seal Mitted Sepia Lynx 



Chocolate Colorpoint 

Chocolate Colorpoint Lynx 

Chocolate Mitted 

Chocolate Mitted Lynx 

Chocolate BiColor 


Chocolate Mink

Chocolate Lynx Mink

Chocolate Mitted Mink 

Chocolate Mitted Lynx Mink 

Chocolate BiColor Mink


Chocolate Sepia

Chocolate Mitted Sepia 



Cinnamon Mink 

Cinnamon Mink Lynx

Cinnamon Mitted Mink

Cinnamon Mitted Mink Lynx


Cinnamon Sepia 

Cinnamon Lynx Sepia

Cinnamon Mitted Sepia

Cinnamon Mitted Lynx Sepia



Blue Colorpoint 

Blue Lynx Colorpoint 

Blue Mitted 

Blue Mitted Lynx 

Blue BiColor 

Blue Lynx BiColor 


Blue Mink

Blue Lynx Mink

Blue Mitted Mink 

Blue Mitted Lynx Mink 

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