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How much do Ragdolls cost?

Pet Kittens - 

Our babies are priced individually, but typically, our pet kittens are in the ballpark of $2,500-$2800. Our pricing does vary. All of our pet kittens go home with a spay/neuter contract, your kitten must be altered by the time he is six months old. Once we receive proof of the kitten being altered, we will mail you his/her TICA breeder slip.


Breeding Rights -

We do not sell breeder kittens often, we prefer to place our kittens primarily in pet homes. However, in order to maintain and improve the Ragdoll breed, we will occasionally consider offering breeding rights only to registered catteries who are in good standing and who practice similar policies as us. Our breeder kittens are priced individually based on color/pattern and quality. 

Why are Ragdolls more expensive than other breeds?

Ragdoll cats are carefully and selectively bred to achieve the specific desirable traits which are unique to the breed. However, Ragdolls are not as widely available as most other pedigree cats, which makes them even more coveted among cat lovers.

Are Ragdolls worth the money?


Definitely! Ragdoll cats are one of the best breeds of cats for families with children. They are bred to be gentle-natured and affectionate. Their distinctive features, relaxed dispositions, and gorgeous coats make them well worth the investment!

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