Meet Our Queens 

Queen Mia 

Dollnouveau Momma Mia

Seal Mink Colorpoint

(Bb1 Dd) (cbcs)

Carrying Cinnamon and Dilute 

HCM Negative -/-

Sire: Rockstardolls Marky Mark

Dam: Dollnouveau Nancy Grrl 

Queen Molly

Rockstardolls Molly of Carolinakits

Seal Lynx Mink Colorpoint

(Bb1 DD Aa) (cbcs)

Carrying Cinnamon 

HCM Negative -/-

Sire: Dollnouveau Cinnamink 

Dam: Dollnouveau Momma Mia

Queen Rayne

Rayne E Days of Rockstardolls

Seal Mink Colorpoint

(Bb Dd) (cbcs)

Carrying Chocolate and Dilute

HCM Negative -/-

Sire: Bigcitydolls Mufasa of Fureverrags

Dam: Ladyparis of Pureelegance 

Queen Primrose

Carolinakits Spring Primrose

Future Queen 

Cinnamon Mitted Mink

(b1b1 DD) (cbcs)

HCM Negative -/- 

Sire: Bigcitydolls Guinness Nitro 

Dam: Dollnouveau Momma Mia 

Queen Calla Lily

Rapture Calla Lily of Carolinakits

Future Queen 

Blue Lynx BiColor 

(BB dd Aa or AA) (cscs) 

HCM Negative -/- 

Sire: Charly Von Werbellinsee/ID

Dam: Ragmatical Lily Ov The Valley 

Carolina Kits

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